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How to draw with your sewing machine - lesson 2

This tutorial explains how to incorporate appliqué into your free-motion embroidery repertoire.

To bondaweb or not is always the question I am asked when people want to applique with their machine embroidery. The video below demonstrates both methods and I would advise having a go with both to see which you feel most comfortable with, and what look they give you. (A quick heads up - the bondaweb method is easier when you are a beginner!)

The stem and leaves, that I added to both flowers, used the methods demonstrated in “How to draw with the sewing machine - lesson one.”

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have great fun experimenting with this next step in your free motion embroidery journey. Do tag #daisyknots if you post in social media so that I can see your fab work.

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Happy sewing.




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