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How to draw with your sewing machine - setup

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

Free motion machine embroidery is how you draw with your sewing machine and I love it as I am really not very good at traditional drawing - I haven't passed the nursery class in it. But that doesn't matter when using the machine as even basic drawing looks charming and quirky when applied to stitch.

But before any drawing is started, the sewing machine has to be setup. I'm going to explain two different ways of setting your machine up for machine embroidery. Which method you use will depend on your machine.

First method is using a darning plate to cover the teeth or feed dogs on the sewing machine.

As demonstrated you do need a darning plate and an embroidery/darning foot. Generally the darning plate will come with the machine but you will have to purchase the embroidery/darning foot separately.

Method number two is dropping the feed on your machine. Again you will probably have to purchase the embroidery/darning foot separately.

Do refer to your sewing machine manual to see what method your sewing machine uses. Drop back shortly to see lesson one in "How to draw with your sewing machine". To see more posts like this please sign up here.


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