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Welcome to daisyknots Daisy Sampler Crochet ALong - 2020
All three versions of the Daisy Sampler moasic crochet CAL pattern
Please note that the CAL has now finished.
However you can still purchase the Daisy Sampler pattern from the daisyknots shop, follow the instructions below, and/or join the daisyknots mosaic crochet group on Facebook.
There are three different versions:
Daisy sampler - bright
Daisy sampler - muted
Daisy sampler - tapestry

The hugely popular Daisy Sampler CAL has now ended.  The good news is that the pattern itself is still available for you to make and enjoy. 


The CAL ran for ran for six weeks and during that time you could download each weekly part for free from the daisyknots mosaic community group on Facebook. The complete patterns are very popular and can be purchased from daisyknots shop. All of the supporting videos (showing you what to do at each step) are available on YouTube.

The Daisy Sampler is a beautiful overlay mosaic crochet design which has a small square body worked in rows and surrounded by twelve small borders which are worked as rounds. There are three different versions of the Daisy Sampler to choose from, Bright, Muted and Tapestry. These versions all use the same pattern but the colours are treated differently as explained in the introduction video. Each version is in a separate file to avoid confusion when working on the pattern.


The instructions for this pattern are mostly in chart form with any extra information required included in a key alongside the chart. There are video tutorials demonstrating each section making this a perfect project for someone new to mosaic crochet or even new to crochet.

If you are unsure how to read the mosaic crochet charts please refer to the video tutorial on daisyknots' YouTube channel which explains how to read the all important chart and how to work the stitches required in this fab type of crochet.

You can find yarn amounts required for each version of the Daisy Sampler in the introduction file (see button below). Also please do check out the Daisy Sampler Introduction video which explains how the colours are applied in the different versions so that you can decide which one you wish to make.

The bright Daisy Sampler pattern on the isle of Tiree


Daisy Sampler muted pattern


  • Please respect the many, many hours that have gone into designing, testing and editing this pattern by myself and my amazing team of testers, video testers and editors. Thank you ladies you are stars.

  • Please do not copy, amend or use any part of this pattern in any form without permission.

The tapestry Daisy Sampler pattern, on the rocks of Hynish on Tiree


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