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What's the buzz?

Back in the pre-Covid days, when no one had ever heard of Zoom, I used to run hands-on, face-to-face workshops and craft lessons. Maybe one day I will again, we'll see.

Starting out on making a macrame plant pot holder

While revamping my website I was reminded of the lovely Katy Murray. She runs "The Buzz Hub" promoting local businesses in the three counties around daisyknots' studio. In late 2019 she joined a workshop I ran on making macrame plant holders and wrote about the experience in her excellent blog, illustrated with beautiful photographs by her business partner, Matt.

I won't steal Katy's's well worth reading what she had to say about crafting and the pleasure of making things with your own hands. However the following really resonated:

"...spending the afternoon in the quiet, light-filled calm of Moira’s studio, productively knotting and chatting reminded me of a different time. It reminded me of a time when communities would get together to sew or knit or mend or make and how marvellous that feels."

Let's look forward to the days when we can all be physically close together again, enjoy each others company, and enjoy the simple pleasure of making things together with our own hands.

Katy and her, very well made, macrame plant pot holder.


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