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How to make the perfect gift for Valentines Day

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first daisyknots article. Today, we're going to learn how to make the perfect gift for Valentines day.

The Alix macrame bracelet is named after my son as I have been making variations of this bracelet for him for quite a few years now. The bracelet can be made in all types of cord: leather, wax cotton, nylon, paracord and in different thicknesses. My goodness the choices are endless once you add colour into the mix too. When I teach square knot bracelets in my workshops, I restrict the cord to a 1mm wax cotton and even then you see peoples brains starting to fry at the choices available. What cord and thickness you decide to use, will depend on who it is for and their lifestyle. My only recommendation is if this is your first time trying #squareknots use at least a minimum of a 1mm thick cord.

It is a fantastically easy bracelet to make once you have mastered the square knot and the chances are you will become quite addicted as they are quick to make once you get on a roll.

The green bracelet demonstrated is made with 1.5mm leather cord and its width is 0.75cms and the light blue and gold ones are made with a 1mm waxed cotton and their widths are 0.6cms each.

To make your Alix bracelet you will need: a

board to work on (I use an A4 plastic one but as long as it is rigid anything will do, a placemat will work well), two bulldog clips, a scrap piece of cord, scissors, tape measure, some tape (masking is best if you have it).


  • Core (middle) cord = 0.75 - 1 metre (depending on wrist size)

  • Knot cord = 2.5- 3 metre (depending on wrist size)

  • Fastening = Sturdy button with holes large enough for your core cord

Making the bracelet:

  1. Thread the core cord through the button and slide the button down the cord until the two lengths of cord are even.

  2. Wind a spare piece of cord around the button and clip the spare cord to the top of the board and fold the other end of the core cord around the bottom of the clipboard and clip in place making sure the cord is taut.

  3. Fold 2.5-3 metres cord in half and tie a square knot tight under the button tip: put a piece of masking tape over the centre of the cord to hold in place until the first knot is tied.

  4. Keep tying square knots until the sennit (length) of knots reached is the length you wish it to be. (see "Length of sennit" below how to work this out).

  5. Tie an overhand knot with all four cords immediately after the sennit of knots.

  6. Tie another overhand knot with all four cords leaving a gap the diameter of your button between the first knot and the second knot.

  7. Cut all the cords to the same length leaving roughly 1cm or 1/2 inch after the overhand knot.

Measuring for the bracelet size

Measure the part of the wrist where the bracelet is to sit.

For the finished bracelet measurement, increase the wrist measurement by the amount below, depending on what fit is required.

  • Snug fit, add 0.5cm to 1.5cm

  • Comfort fit, add 1.5cm to 2.5cm.

  • Loose fit, add 2.5cm to 3.25cm

NOTE: this size does not include the cut cord ends after the last overhand knot.

Length of Sennit

You must deduct the button diameter and the size of both overhand knots from the finished bracelet size to determine this length

NOTE: The cord you use will determine the size of the overhand knot.

I sell Alix bracelet kits in both leather and wax cotton in my shop. There is a wide selection of colours in both 1.5mm leather and 1mm waxed cotton. Both kits ship with the stainless steel oval buttons shown in the top photo.

I hope you have fun making your bracelet and if you are on Instagram please do post your pics with #daisyknotsalix so that I can see them and share them. Thank you so much for reading this post and have fantastic fun making your bracelet.

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Moira x


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